December 13, 2011

Video Games 19 Days of Deals 12/13

Today, they have their Video Games deal of the day, located HERE.   It's Assassin's Creed day.

The big deal today is the toy price drops on Amazon!  The UNDER $5 list grew overnight and is now 3 pages long.  Expect that to keep happening.  It's now in that crazy Amazon price deals time where you'll be stocking your gift closet for the next year with things that are $3.99 on Amazon and $19 everywhere else.

My suggestion is to add things that might interest you to your cart, then check the cart a few times a day.  Some of these will sell out fast, so hit it when it hits your ideal price.

This is $5.85 right now, with 10 Dinosaur Train figures.

All these others are under $5!

The under $10 toys list is pretty good, too. Many of those items are $6-7, so check out all the links below for your own good deals. If you're looking for something specific, let me know.


Here are some more good Amazon links:

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