September 15, 2011

Amazon Canon SLR Deal

It's not QUITE as great as the one I posted a week ago, but this one is good through October 1. It gives you a little more time to get your money together and get it done. It's the same basic deal...the Canon T3 Rebel, a lens (or two) and a free Tiffen filter.

First off, you're saving $60 off the cost of the camera right now. It's regularly $599, on sale for $539.

Then add one of these lenses (or both--you'll get a discount for every lens you add.  If you use THIS LINK, it will have all the camera options and all the lens options on one page, then you can add them all at once.

This one is originally $270, on sale for $199, and you'll get $100 off when you add it AND the camera to your cart. No coupon code needed, but they have to both be sold by Amazon.  (When I tried this out, it only took off $80.  I'm not sure why?)

The next lens is originally $400, on sale for $299, and get $150 off when you add it and the camera to your cart.  This one only took off $100.  I would check with Amazon to see why the full discount isn't applied.  At any rate, this is the Cheapout, so I dumped the more expensive lens.  They serve a very similar purpose.

As mentioned earlier, you can add both lenses and get both discounts.

Next, add this Tiffen filter (it will protect your lens, so very important) and get it free.

Original cost, if you paid full price for all three items: $890

Items (3): $748.87
Shipping & Handling: $9.12
Shipping Discount: -$9.12
Promotion Applied: -$10.87   (price of the filter)
Promotion Applied: -$80.00   (for the lens)
Total Before Tax: $658.00
Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $0.00
Total: $658.00

Still a really great deal!  I like last week's better. 

The printers are back in stock, too, so buy this one for $444 and get a $400 American Express reward card by mail.

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