September 2, 2011

Amazon September Magazine Deals

I think it's been months since I posted the Amazon magazine deals. It was a combination of factors: the deals were getting repetitive, and I let go of my magazine addiction in favor of less paper clutter.

I just took a little peek, and noticed there are some great deals right now.  They have $5 off a LOT of magazines right now, with a $7 or less section, a $10 or less section, and a $15 or less section.  I'll focus where I always do, on the cheapies.

Remember, a lot of these are only good with the auto-renewal.  Once you get done with your order, you can go to "manage subscriptions" and turn off the auto-renewal if you'd like.

Many of the $15 and under mags are still around $1 per issue, and they include O Magazine, so check them all out for yourself.

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