September 15, 2011

Kmart Payday Plus

Here's a program I've never heard of, but I think Kmart's marketing department and their discount program writers really need to get together and start sharing information. All over the ad, there are really good deals and mention of payday plus. What is payday plus? I didn't know either, so I've been researching to find out. Again, if I figure it out for me, I might as well share it with you.

So, my best information.  Shop Your Way rewards have been around for a little while.  You get points for buying everyday items (usually 10 points for every $1 you spend), and then you get to use your rewards for a discount.  It's actually a pretty easy program to use.  For every 1000 points on your Shop Your Way rewards account, you get $1 discount.  You just tell the associate how many rewards you want to use when you are checking out.  Read all about it here.

Now, what is payday plus?  Again, this is a disconnect with the marketing department.  I have searched all over, and Kmart isn't saying.  From my understanding, it may or may not change every week.  THIS week, if you spend $40 this week on items with this label, you'll receive a coupon for 10x your points for next week's purchase.  Other times, it looks like you would get bonus SYW rewards.  A couple of weeks ago, we got a coupon for 70 bonus Boxtops for our school. These seem to always be a catalina sort of printout that comes with your receipt.

So, here are the good deals that I see in this week's ad:
  • BOGO Free items like Ritz, Smart Sense snacks, Russell Stover, Tyson, Capri Sun, Crystal Light, Purex, and Nature Made.  My experience has been that you'll get to the store and see more items marked, and maybe even a full list of items on a tear pad in the aisle.  I love BOGO, because I'm then going to give them some coupons to make it as close to free as possible.
  • Get 5000 bonus points if you purchase any scooter, skateboard or skates.
  • Get 3000 bonus points when you spend $15 on Nivea products, which are also BOGO50% off.
  • Get a coupon for $5 off your next purchase if you spend $15 on Glade products.  They have many 2 for $6, and I just noticed a ton of high dollar Glade coupons.
  • Several Kellogg's cereals are on sale 4 for $12, and you'd again be able to save with coupons.  When you purchase these, you'll get a catalina for 1 free gallon of milk.
  • BOGO Cosco no back boosters, so two of them for $18.99.
  • This one is great for the toy closet or Toys for Tots!  This week only Kmart will double the Playsaver coupons from this week's newspaper insert (or print them HERE), making several Hasbro games $4.99 or less.  This includes Jenga, Cootie, Candy Land, Memory, Monopoly, and Scrabble.
  • With all of these savings, you'll also get 10 SYW reward points for every $1 you spend.

If you have any other covert knowledge of this program, post it in the comments section.

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