September 1, 2011

HOT Amazon Canon SLR Deal--Act Fast!

WOW! I can't believe I didn't find this one earlier, but here it is. It expires September 3, so you don't have long to think about it. If you're like me, you know what you want already but are simply waiting for the price to get low enough to justify it.

So, this is for Canon cameras, lenses, and printers.  You will get a discount on the lenses when you buy one of the SLRs, and you'll get a mail in rebate on the printer with the deal.  Because one is a coupon and the other is a rebate, you'll be able to get one or both, depending on your camera/lens/printer needs.   There's a potential for up to $700 total savings!

I'll start with the general link to the deal--there are many different camera bodies, two different lenses, and a printer involved in this deal.  Now I'll post what I think is the best deal, and break it down for how much you can save.

 First the camera, $600 regularly, down to $549.

You could get a bigger, better, more expensive camera, but this one is GREAT.

Next up, a lens. There are two that you can choose from, and both will end up just $20 after the instant savings. (No waiting for the rebate with these.)

This printer is on sale for $349, but shows that you will get a $400 rebate. I can't find anything that says it will only be for the amount you spend, but I'm guessing that's the case. It also doesn't ship for 1-2 MONTHS, probably due to the popularity of this deal. I'd let it go, and you'll still get a great deal.

You can also add this Tiffin filter (protect those expensive lenses) for free.

Here's the total breakdown, best possible deal that I can see:

I just added the Canon T3, both of the lenses, and the filter.  You get BOTH discounts for lenses, free shipping, and no tax, bringing this great deal from $866.06 down to $604.72.

Order Summary
Items (4): $866.06

Shipping & Handling: $10.30
Shipping Discount: -$10.30
Promotion Applied: -$11.34
Promotion Applied: -$150.00
Promotion Applied: -$100.00

Total: $604.72

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