September 3, 2011

Amazon Labor Day Deals

There are a lot of great sales on Amazon for Labor Day, most notably an awesome shoe deal. They have a lot of accessories (men's, women's, kids') on sale, and THEN an additional 25% comes off at checkout.

There is also a 75% off sale on many clothes.

None of these require a coupon code, though, so you can really clean up if you DO THIS FIRST.  Subscribe to Amazon's clothing email, and they will send you a 20% off code for anything in the clothing area.  When I tested this out, it was mailed immediately.  So, BEFORE you take advantage of this sale, sign up for the newsletter.  You can do that HERE.  Just as an aside, if your husband were to sign up for this with his email account, you could still use his code with yours.  You know, if you'd already signed up and used the code and had all your extra Swagbucks money sitting in your account...

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, here are all the sales.

Here is the link to the main 75% off sale page.  These items are just on sale, price is as marked.  You can get your extra 20% off with the coupon code.  The sales are HUGE, there are Hartstrings dresses for $15-20, many other really good name brands for cheap.  With the additional 20% off, this is great if you (like me) have a beer budget and champagne taste.

With each link, you can further sort on the left side, filtering out by your price range or by name brand.
Some favorites.  You can see there are still coats and jackets, even if it says it's a summer clearance.

    And the other part I mentioned, the shoes!  These are the ones that will be an additional 25% off once you checkout.  Again, since you don't use a coupon code to get that 25% off, you should be able to use the 20% off coupon on these items.  This is a HUGE opportunity for back to school shopping.

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