September 14, 2011

Sample Sunday -- 13th Birthday Magic!

Oh, how we love Sample Sundays in this house.  I've posted before, but this weekend would be a great weekend to attend the Sample Sunday event at the farms near Woodward, Iowa.  The weather will be fabulous, and perfect for these outdoor events.

So...the three stores included in the Sample Sunday are (click the links for details):

You can't have more fun than this!  Free pony rides, great food from local farmers, and tons of items you can buy from local artisans.  Take some time to go and check it out for yourself.  I'll add the dates for other Sample Sundays to my free fun calendar, or you can mark them down from here.
  • Sept. 18
  • Oct 16
  • Nov 20
  • Dec 11
  • Dec 18

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