May 20, 2011

Amazon Friday Sale, 5/20

Looks like there are a lot of great deals to be had in the Friday sale today, so check it out for yourself HERE.  You'll notice they have a lot of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffees on sale, 2 of the 12 oz. bags for $14-16.

Decent, you say.  $7 a bag is just all right.  Then you take of the 15% for Subscribe and Save, and it gets a little better.  Scroll down a bit, and you'll see the coupon code, COFTEAL3, which will get you ANOTHER 25% off.  The cool thing about Amazon is that both discounts come off the sale price, so you save 40%.  Now, we're looking at two bags of really good gourmet coffee for $8-$10.

There are also a TON of K-cups for your Keurig, $12 for 24 and $25 for 48, bringing the cost of a cup of coffee down to 50 cents.  Not bad!

The Solofull Cups above ^^^ have a coupon, SOLOFIL2, that will allow you to get free coffee when you buy any three.

The other section of the Friday sale, I often ignore because they aren't anything that interests me much.  There are some really good prices on items, so check these out.   The tool sets might make good Father's Day gifts.

You can also look at my May grocery deals post to see all the monthly coupon codes and deals. The gluten free promotion is really good, and I still haven't managed to do a dedicated post about all of those deals.

Not a part of the Friday sale, but there are two great Skippy peanut butters on sale again!  6 jars of natural creamy or super chunk for a little over $9 is a great deal! Use code TOTALUNI to save a total of 30%.

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