May 23, 2011

A Few Good Kid Freebies

Some of these might be fun to have:
  • Red Robin has a free package of Heinz tomato seeds.  Grow your own ketchup (or is it catsup?)  They have some other fun kids club activities on the page.  Now that I am trying to get the direct link, it shows being out.  You can still download a free kids cookbook, though.
  • Free "Are You Smarter than a Curator?" bumper sticker.
  • Free Historical Thinking poster.
  • Free 3D glasses.
  • FEMA will send out some disaster preparedness activity books, but you have to write to them to request it. 
  • Another one they have to write in for, a grab bag of collector's pins.
  • Barnes and Noble kids club has a lot of great benefits, including a free cupcake.
  • Kmart also has a kids club, with $5 in birthday bucks.
  • Free Healthy Habits activity book from Lysol.
That should be enough to stay busy for a little while this summer.

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