May 24, 2011

FREE Entertainment at the Iowa State Fair

Frequent readers may know that I LOVE the Iowa State Fair.  I know I dedicated several very long posts to the Fair last year, and most of the information is still relevant, so check out how to Cheapout at the Iowa State Fair, and also a little more information I added later.  I will probably go through and make sure all the links are still good in the next couple of weeks, but today I just wanted to share that they've released the FREE stage shows information.

Who do you love?  Check out the schedule here, and I'll share some of my favorites.  Tell me who you've seen, who you love, who you're looking forward to.
  • The Georgia Satellites!  
  • Mr. Stinky Feet, Jim Cosgrove!  My kids adore him, and we have one of his DVDs that is getting worn out. 
  • The Oak Ridge Boys, can you believe it?  Only on 8/11, so make your plans.
  • Jason Brown is a local boy to my neck of the woods, and I guarantee you'll love him.  He's doing four shows.
  • You can never go wrong with local legends the Nadas and the Blue Band. 
  • Confederate Railroad, remember them?
  • And finally, Jay and the Americans, famous (in my mind, anyway) for one of my favorite songs.
Not sure why that video is so small.  I hope it works.

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