May 28, 2011

Amazon Grocery Deals, 5/28

OK, it's the end of the month, so most of the May grocery deals are getting ready to go away. If you didn't get a chance yet to use all the coupon codes, check them out in my May post before 5/31.  I'm going to go through and highlight the best deals for today.

Use code KELLOGG6 to save a total of 35% off these cereals already marked down.

Peanut butter and tomato sauce! The staples. TOTALUNI works for both to bring them down to an additional 30% off these low prices.

And the Ragu. Remember, TOTALUNI for 30% off additional. At least for right now, these 7 sauces are all on sale. It's 4 large jars for this price!

These Coffeemate Creamers are a total of 55% off when you use the code CREAMER7.  If you can be patient, that is.  It looks like these three left in stock are going to be shipped in 1-2 months.  It's a lot of creamer for better than half off.

I may come back to add to this post later today, but check things out for yourself.  If you see anything great, leave it in comments and I'll get it added.

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