October 18, 2011

Amazon Deals 10/18

Of course the Amazon deals come and go quickly, but these are some of the best I see today. There's a scattering of toys, clothes, and food here because I didn't find enough good deals for any individual posts.

So, the grocery deals:

This Folgers coffee is about as good as it gets lately! It's 3 big cans (these have been around $9.99 in my area, sometimes higher) for $17.07 (be sure to do subscribe and save) which brings them under $6 each.

$24.06 for 12 boxes of Annie's Mac and Cheese (made with rice pasta, so it's gluten free.)

50 cents a jar for Earth's Best Organic, and it's a variety of fruits.

$14.76 for THREE two pound jars of honey. That's cheaper than the little bears at my store.

On to the toys!

This Nerf gun is half price right now, and under $10 makes it a great gift deal.

Here is a GREAT (over) 400 piece Lego set that is regularly $30. It's on sale for $24, so a decent drop in price. It pains me to think of how hard the night walk to the bathroom would be if my kids had this.

This is a great opportunity if you're in the market for Leapster Explorer, Leapster 2, or a Tag system.  Amazon is offering 15% off bundles "for a limited time."  Not sure how long that will be.

Some clothing deals:

With these Underoos, they qualify for that clothing store newsletter discount I'm always harping on. If you still haven't signed up for the newsletter, do it NOW and get 20% off your next clothing purchase. Then get these Spidy undies and make a kid's day! I wore my Wonder Woman Underoos long after they were too small and socially unacceptable. I loved those things.

Just because I know you'll be looking, I found all the Underoos on Amazon, along with some Spidy underwear for $6. There are NO GIRL ONES! There are, however, some really cute adult Wonder Woman sets that are way overpriced.

Don't forget the boots deals!  Amazon has almost 800 pairs of boots for men, women, and juniors for an additional 25% off!  No coupon needed for those, and you don't even have to buy two or more for this discount to come off.  It last through October 31st, and 25% will come off when you checkout.  If you have that 20% coupon from the newsletter, this could really make winter shopping affordable.

See the link above for the full list of boots.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Enjoy! And if you find a great deal, be sure to share!

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