October 29, 2011

Amazon Toy Deals 10/29

Here are the best deals I see today. Remember, when the prices drop really low, they usually last for a short time.

This Furreal puppy is close to $60 everywhere else, but $39.99 right now.

This is a wonderful, sturdy dollhouse with awesome reviews. Right now, it's $30 cheaper than anywhere else. It comes fully furnished, and the free shipping makes it a really great deal.

This Simon Flash game is only $18.99, but closer to $30 elsewhere. It looks like it would be a really fun game. I love Simon.

The Ultimate Optimus Prime is $70 at other stores.

A few more good deals on great products.

What's on your wish list? I am always looking out for great deals, so I'll be happy to add your item to my shopping.


JennT said...

I'm looking for some lego duplos and a kiddie art station.

Amy said...

I'll keep watch for them. Do you want a big set of Duplos or smaller ones? I think I saw a farm set recently.