October 3, 2011

Happy Monday FREEBIES

What better way to start your Monday, than with a lot of freebies? Today, I'm doing a kid theme for the free items.
  • Get a free phone call from a Disney princess for your little one.
  • This potty training DVD is always available.  You'll also get some pull-up samples and coupons.
  • This Stage 4 welcome kit from Beechnut looks like a great freebie.
  • Try this personalized song for your little one.  Use code myelmo or myveggie for free songs.
  • Mighty Book Jr. looks like a fun site for learning to read.  You can get a 1 yr subscription free with code learntoread.
  • Get a free kit with Elmo to teach your kids how to save money.  You'll need to call to get it, or you can print parts out at home.
  • How about this one?  It's a place where you can read books and record to share with your little ones when you can't be close.  There are some free book options, and I think they'd be a great gift.  Check out A Story For Bed.
  • Have a Seattle Storm fan?  They can join the kids club for free, and get a lot of cool swag.
If you know of any other good freebies, send them my way via the comments!  Also, remember that freebies can come and go in the blink of an eye or they can be available for a while.  It never hurts to see if they're still available, so click back through my other freebie posts and see what you may have missed.

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