October 10, 2011

Give Amazon Prime Another Look

As any regular reader knows, I have huge love for Amazon Prime. You can get it (FREE) for 3 months and extend it up to a year by having Amazon Mom, you can get it (again, FREE) with a student email account with Amazon Student, and every once in a while, you can find a free trial offer.  I see a one month free trial offer on that link that I posted that says Amazon Prime.  Maybe it will work for you as well.

If you do pay for your Amazon Prime, you'll find that $79 for a year ($6.58 per month) is a pretty reasonable amount of money to get free 2 day shipping on whatever you order from Amazon.

I have posted before about this, but a new(er) benefit of Amazon Prime is the streaming video aspect. This is unlimited FREE streaming video, free as an another aspect of Amazon Prime.  As our bills increase and we make more cuts to our home budget, we find more and more ways to save money.  The free streaming video is a very attractive option.  Compare to Netflix, who just raised their prices considerably.

Amazon has just added a ton of new shows to their instant watch list.  Check out the lists for TV instant watch and movie instant watch.  A big difference I can see between Netflix and Amazon is that I can stream movies through Netflix by using the Wii.  In order to watch movies or TV through Amazon, I'd have to either hook a computer to the TV or use another device...such as the Roku player.  With a starting price near $60, it's about the cost of one month of most cable channels.  Certainly something to consider.  Link that Roku player to Amazon Instant Watch, and you'll also get a $5 credit to pay for more programming.

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