October 17, 2011

Great Kodak Photo Printing Freebie!

This is a really good opportunity to get a lot of free prints from Kodak! I would print quickly before they run out of coupons.  Go to their Facebook page to see the details of a free printing opportunity this week only. You'll be able to print 20 of your Facebook photos at their kiosk for free.  Simply select the store you want, and then go to print the coupon.  Because it's a bricks coupon, you'll be able to back up and print it again.  That's 40 free photos!

My only option was Target, and Target will require you to purchase 5 photos before you get your 20 free ones.  That's ok, because Target also has a coupon on their site for $2 off a print purchase of over 20.  Depending on your store, you may be able to use both coupons and print a LOT of photos.

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