October 25, 2011

Amazon EXTRA 30% off Jewelry

This looks great! some of these items are around $5--then take an extra 30% off at check out, and you've got some nice gift options. If you're looking for nicer jewelry, 30% off a high dollar purchase is awesome!

I love this bracelet set for my pink-loving girls.  There are 3 bracelets, original price is listed near $30.  It's marked down to just over $5, and 30% off that brings it to just over $1 per bracelet.  These are CUTE.  The earrings that match will be $3.50 a pair.

This is a nice pearl earring set as well. They end up at $3.77 a pair, and there are other color options as well.

There are many more great deals at the first link posted. Check it out for yourself. You can sort by type of jewelry and also by the precious metal used to create it. Here's an example of a titanium men's ring that will end up around $20 after the discount.

Since I love earrings, I found a few favorites to share:

These are some good ones I found.  Remember that the price listed will be reduced by 30% when you check out..

Oh, and I just keep finding more great deals in the jewelry sale.  I'm not normally a big jewelry shopper, but there are so many cute things in that $5 and under range for younger kids.


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