October 13, 2011

Amazon Grocery Deals 10/13

I'll start out here with the monster cereals. These are 4 boxes of cereal for $8.08 when you do subscribe and save.

$8.88 for 12 cans of Libby's corn makes this a great deal! 74 cents a can, delivered to your door.

$5.95 for 12 packages of Trident gum, making them just UNDER 50 cents per pack.

$10.34 for 20 packs of Annie's Bunnies, making them slightly over 50 cents per pack. That's a great deal for health(ier) snacks.

Be the cool house on the block at Halloween. These full sized candy bars are also just under 50 cents each, at 30 bars for $14.85.

Check out the Halloween store for more great Halloween treat deals.

Have you seen THIS??  There's a peanut shortage, and the price of peanut butter is about to skyrocket?  I saw that and started hunting for peanut butter deals.  All of a sudden, these prices seem awesome, even though I generally wait for a coupon code to pair with the sale and subscribe and save.  So... these peanut butters are currently under $2 a jar.

They seem to rotate the ones on sale. I don't know how much longer till they jack them all up, but keep an eye on the price of your favorite and jump when it drops to $12 or under for 6 jars.

I will add more later in the day, but that should get you started.

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