October 20, 2011

Reader Request -- Best Winter Gear Deals

I got a request yesterday for the best deals on winter coats for kids. I started researching last night and found the deals not to be all that great. I KNEW they would get better as weekend approached, so now here it is, with some great coupons to sweeten the deal.

My favorite type of coat is the 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 style, because you'll get a jacket with a hood, a liner that zips out to be its own coat. You can wear either part separately or put them together on the really cold days.

I was happy to see The Childrens Place release this great coupon on their Facebook page.  You can click on it and get the coupon to print out if you'd rather shop in store, or you can use these codes online.  30% is HUGE.

Hi fans! Make sure to shop our BIG HUGE SALE from October 20-23!
Get 30% off $60 or more with webcode M4F2011
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Their 3-in-1 jacket is on sale right now for $44.96.  If you need to buy 3 (like the person who requested it), you will be able to use the 30% off coupon and get these jackets for $31.47 each!  2.5% cash back if you go through Ebates.  You can also get 3% cash back (and a $5 sign up bonus!) if you use Shop at Home.  I'll do a post about that later in the week, but here's the signup banner for the bonus.
ShopAtHome Banner

This looks like the absolute best deal, and you can't beat their quality.

Another great place to shop for coats is Kohls.  They also have some great coupon codes, and it looks like they are stackable. They also just mailed out some coupons for in store. 

Use code WELUVU20 first for 20% off,then use code EXTRA15 for an additional 15% off!

Their 3-in-1 is $63, and they also have some two piece sets with a coat and snowpants for $61.  This brings the coats down to around $43, but they also have the Kohls cash deal.  Buy three of these, and you'd get $20 back in Kohl's cash.  4% cash back if you use Ebates.

JC Penney
JC Penney also has really good sets, and they are also on sale.  The best I can find for JC Penney is a $10 off $50 printable coupon.  You can print a couple of these, and just make separate transactions.  They're good through November 10.

**Now, the real answer for cheap coats is this: buy them ahead.  I bought my coats in about March last year, when they were on final clearance.  I do the same with gloves and hats, and then if we have extras they can go to the Angel tree later on.

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