October 14, 2011

MegaSwagbucks Friday -- Signup DEAL

It's hard to believe there are many people left who haven't already tried Swagbucks.  If you haven't, today might be the day to start.  Why?  Because it's mega swag Friday.  Every Friday they have bigger search wins and more often, so start doing what you can to earn.  I save Amazon gift cards for Christmas shopping, and also use it to supplement my grocery shopping.  $25 a month is an easy goal.  My total in just over a year and a half is now $650, all gotten in Paypal or Amazon dollars. 

ANOTHER reason today would be a good day to join is that Swagbucks has a new member promotion called 5 for 5, that will get a new member 70 bonus bucks just for signing up.  It is usually 30, so this will start you right out with 100 bucks. Use code 5For5 when you register (new members only, but they are now allowing more accounts per household.)

I recently wrote up something for a friend on my earning goals, and how I do it in just a few minutes in the morning.  If your goal is 5 of the $5 Amazon gift cards each month, it's easily attainable with just 75 Swagbucks per day.  My goal is to try to get 100 per day so that I can get another $25 AGC every other month and boost my earning.  Here's a quick morning:
  • 75 SBTV (that's the max of 25 wins)
  • 20 search wins (I can always win twice a day, sometimes three times)
  • 2 daily bucks for checking out NOSO
  • 1 bucks for answering the daily poll
  • 5 survey disqualification (if you try to do a sruvey but aren't qualified, you get 1 buck for trying)
  • 2-5 Ad Rewards videos (this is one of the offer walls, you watch videos and get 1-2 bucks)
  • 2-4 Gambit videos (another offer wall)
I don't do a lot of the big special offers, but just looking around every morning on the offer walls will find a few good easy point offers, like signing up for a newsletter or liking some business Facebook page.  I can do this while I have my coffee in the morning.

If you have any additional questions, let me know.

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