October 28, 2011

Amazon Electronics Trade-In

If you have looked at my Making the Most of Amazon post along the top of the blog, you already know that you can trade in old video games, books, and music for Amazon credit. This year, as you're working on your holiday shopping budget, maybe you could trade in some of your old electronics.

The hot item this year looks to be the Kindle Fire.  You can pre-order now!  They're coming out in November.  For $199, it's one of the cheapest full color tablets you can find.

If you've already got a Kindle, you can trade it in for credit toward the new one.

If you have a Nintendo DS, but want to trade it in for the new(er) 3, that's also possible.  Trade in any video games you're no longer using as well.  You may as well get them out of your house, and it will help you save money on the new ones on everyone's lists.

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