October 7, 2011

Amazon Toy Deals AND Coupons 10/7

I've already pointed out the toy coupons a bunch of times.  They tend to come and go, but right now there are a LOT of high value coupons for some popular toy brands.  I am going to post a few of the best toy deals that I see, along with the price after coupon, but you may want to check out the main coupon page to see if there's something you need.

A few good Transformers deals.  The first will be around $10 after the $2 coupon, the second goes from $23, to under $20, to under $15 with the $5 coupon.  The last is orginally $50 with a $5 coupon, but it sure looks like something a Transformers fan would want.

They have some good toys for pre-school aged children as well.  This Poppin Park Bounce and Ride looks cute for around $27 (after the $5 coupon). 24 tubs of Play-doh for $13.99 (after $3 coupon) looks like a nightmare to me, but the kids love it. The last Elmo Play doh set looks cute for $14.

Each individual link SHOULD take you to the toy with the coupon already clipped, or there will be something under the price that says there is a coupon available.  If you don't see mention of the coupon, go to the first coupon page linked above, then click through that to get the coupon.

If you find something great, be sure to let me know.  I'll be glad to add to the post.

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